We All Make Mistakes

We All Make Mistakes

To grow as an entrepreneur, unfortunately, we must make mistakes.  An error-free life is a stagnant life, not something for which people sign up as an entrepreneur.  But how can we minimize the negative impact of our errors on our business?

One way is to simply own up to the error and work hard to make sure we never repeat it.  Our customers recognize that we are human and will be forgiving if we are authentic.

Take the example of the business woman who sent a rushed email to her list without giving it a second thought.  She received feedback that the email came across as condescending.  So she sent out another email apologizing for her error and promising to be more thoughtful and diligent in future.  Afterward, she received emails from her customers thanking her for her integrity, and one person who had been sitting on the fence for six months finally did business with her.

If you make a mistake in your business, try to think about how you can turn it around and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

And be thankful for your mistakes.  They help you grow into a better entrepreneur.

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