The Importance of Celebrating Wins in Business

The Importance of Celebrating Wins in Business

Last week’s edition of Magnetic Marketing Tips was our 100th Edition!

Although I didn’t mention it then (I actually forgot until I saw #100 on the newsletter), I did celebrate later that day. In this case, it was a nice glass of wine and some reminiscing about where the ideas come from for these articles.

That’s another part of the Win. They come from you! My clients, my readers, my fellow business owners are the source of most of my ideas for articles. So keep on sharing with me what’s on your mind and I’ll keep on writing about it.

Now, about the Importance of Celebrating Wins…

Some research has shown that once we achieve a benchmark in our lives, it then becomes the new norm. Quite quickly, actually. So, if you don’t stop to commemorate it in some way, it just slips by without acknowledgement and raises the bar for the next achievement without you even giving yourself credit for the progress you’ve already made

That’s one of the challenging things about goal setting . Although Happiness research has shown that you can raise your happiness bandwidth by living a life of goal-setting and achieving, it’s easy to always look at the Gap between where you are and where you’ve set your goal to be, rather than continuously looking back to see how far you’ve already come. I learned that concept of The Gap from Dan Sullivan, The Strategic Coach during the 14 years that I worked with him as my business coach and as an assistant coach for one of the groups of clients in my Program.

One example of how to apply this Rule of Acknowledgement is when you go hiking in the mountains. When you look up to where you are going, it seems like a long way to go, and it is quite exhausting when you crest a ridge and find that you are only halfway there. Instead, pause and look back at how far you’ve hiked already. It will amaze you, energize you and reinforce your belief that you can go all the way to the top.

That’s one good reason why I love To-Do Lists. They allow me to put a check mark beside each item as I get it done. That’s a baby Win, but a Win nonetheless.


What are some of the things you are celebrating this week, month or year? Share them with me and then watch for your ideas in upcoming issues.


Oh, one more thing I did last week was to do my first tandem skydive for a local charity – the Edmonton Dream Centre. What an experience!

Watch next week for my article on What Does Sky-Diving Have to Do with Starting a Business. I think you’ll like it. And you might just want to go skydiving after reading it.

Make it a week worth celebrating!



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