Running a Business is Like Sky Diving

Running a Business is Like Sky Diving

Earlier this month, I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 14,000 feet, into a tandem sky dive. I wasn’t thinking about anything except the instructions I’d been given, the clouds below me, the air rushing past me, into my mouth and up my nose. At 220 km per hour, that’s a lot of wind and it makes a person look pretty funny on video.

Then, 60 seconds later, the clouds cleared, our chute opened and I was getting, literally, a bird’s eye view of the airport and the beautiful countryside below me. A few quick tricks in the air and all too soon we were gliding in for a nice smooth landing.

This wasn’t even on my Bucket List until Dorine said that the Edmonton Dream Centre was hosting a Leap of Faith to raise money toward the building of new housing for those who came to them for help. I’ve always thought it was silly to turn down an opportunity for an adventure, so I signed up to raise a bit of money for them. By the way, it’s not too late to donate!


First, you dream.

Then you plan.

Then, when you realize how much is involved, you wonder if you were crazy to ever start a business.

Then you get your first big client and it takes your breath away.

Soon you can glide along a bit because it becomes second nature to generate new clients, provide great service, and grow your business.

After a while, that all ends. You land, and things are forever changed.

So you start over again – refreshing your dream, making your plans, wondering if you’re crazy, and landing your first big client, which proves again that you aren’t crazy.


Not too much, really. I just wanted to celebrate jumping out of an airplane and this seemed like a good way to sneak that in.

Thanks for sharing my adventure with me.


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