Testimonials: Putting Nice Things People Say in Writing

Testimonials: Putting Nice Things People Say in Writing

Don’t you just love it when a client writes you a testimonial? Once in a while, that can happen spontaneously and you are grateful when it does. They are not always specific about what you do, though, and they are few and far between in most businesses.

The best referrals are those that praise you for specific things that you want your potential clients to know about you. And that takes some planning and coaching on your part.

You can gather video testimonials at an event and that’s a big plus. But for now, here are a few tips to actively generate more testimonials that tell the reader that you do exactly what you promise to do for your clients – and more.

Catch Clients Saying Something Nice About You. My favourite method is to do just that. Catch a client saying something nice about me. Then I thank them and half-jokingly saying, “May I quote you on that?” We have a good laugh and then the client invariably says, “Sure!” So I offer to write what I think they said and send it to them in an email for editing and their approval. In the same email, I ask what method I may use to identify the client as the one giving the testimonial. Which brings me to the next point…

Request Feedback on Your Services. Virtually all on-line services request feedback by email following a service call. Why not you? When you run workshops, make product deliveries, provide service calls, conduct coaching or consulting sessions and other times when you are already in contact with a client, ask for feedback then. You can pick out tidbits from these surveys and print strings of feedback with quotation marks but with no individual credit. Head them up as “Feedback From Our Service Calls” or something similar. Or ask for permission to quote the client when there is an especially good one.

Always Make it Easy for a Client to Give you a Testimonial. The above are two examples of this. Offer to write what you heard them say with special emphasis on those things that are important for you to have in a testimonial. Or, take a short quote from a feedback sheet for a workshop, a coaching session or a feedback survey following a service call.

Do Unto Others… There are many opportunities to provide testimonials for your suppliers, too, some of whom might also be your clients or prospects. LinkedIn is especially good for this. You have a choice of making Endorsements, which are simply clicks to indicate which skills and talents your client has and which are counted on the client’s profile page. While it’s nice to rack up a large number of endorsements, it is also a more impersonal way to send a testimonial and has less value, especially because many people do this for people they don’t know in an attempt to win favour.

Instead, take some time, perhaps once a month, to choose a LinkedIn connection whose services you value and write them a Recommendation. Page down further on their profile page and you’ll find a place where LinkedIn will walk you through the process. These are emailed to the recipient for their approval or to edit and eventually to be added to their LinkedIn profile page.

Did I hear someone say something about The Law of Attraction?!

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