Are You Working With the Wrong Clients?

Are You Working With the Wrong Clients?

How quickly can you answer this question: “What type of clients do you work with?” Hurry now… your ultimate success depends on being able to clearly and quickly articulate what you do and what type of companies you can benefit.

If you feel that your business is all over the map and not focused, it might be suffering from a syndrome that afflicts many small businesses… it’s the ailment of working with less-than-ideal clients – or more to the point – the wrong clients.

The wrong clients are those that are less profitable, regularly waste your time, and constantly complain – and leave you discouraged, stagnant and unfulfilled.

Ideal clients, on the other hand:

• Find value in your product or service
• Are profitable themselves
• Refer you to other potential customers

As a reminder, your marketing plan should be based on a simple, four-step process:

1. Identify your specific target market (including profiling your ideal client).
2. Discover the specific problem(s) these clients have.
3. Develop your product or service to solve the specific problem(s).
4. Articulate and promote what makes your business unique (in your industry, territory, etc.).

Click here to receive your free Ideal Client Profile Worksheet. Just enter the words ‘Client Profile’ in the subject line. If you need help getting focused or to set priorities for your business, you may benefit from the help of a business coach. Our programs create clear goals and objectives, generate referrals, and allow you to work ‘on’ your business instead of ‘in’ it. For more information, check out the workshops and coaching programs.

Next time, I’ll be describing some of the criteria you can use when determining who the ideal client is for your business.

To your business health!

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