Words of Wisdom: First, You Gotta Wanna

Words of Wisdom:  First, You Gotta Wanna

I met a hair stylist over the weekend whose business is thriving serving rising stars in the music, arts and entertainment world. She was asked “What keeps a rising star struggling to “make it” when year after year they can be passed over for some other rising star?”

Her answer was, “They are all Wanna-be’s. They gotta wanna make it to keep on trying and improving themselves.”

The hair stylist herself is a Wanna-Be. She wants to be a hair stylist to the stars. But instead of trying to compete head on with those who have already achieved that status, she realizes that she is young and still has a lot to learn. Meanwhile, she works with rising star Wanna-Be’s and helps them present themselves to their public, confidently and looking great, so they have the best chance of being noticed and remembered not only for their talent but for their trademark hair-styles as well.

She recognizes that That Look is a big part of branding for each client and prides herself on customizing her styles to the personality, talent and goals of the client and the client’s target audiences.

Her shop is located near where her clients shop for clothes and accessories – where they hang out and window shop.

To top it off, she partners with a young photographer with the same vision and a knack for capturing the essence of each client.


  • Be clear as crystal about what you want
  • Go for it with fervour and determination
  • Know who your ideal client is and why you are the best fit for them
  • Each time you interact with them, create an experience that they will remember because it makes them feel good about themselves
  • Team up with other professionals whose services complement yours and create an even better result for your clients
  • You’re never too young to inspire others by your example, nor too old either.

I’ve paraphrased this conversation a bit, but you get the point:

First – You Gotta Wanna!


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