Why Set Goals at All?

Why Set Goals at All?

I’ve often heard people say that they never set goals. It turns out that they don’t think they are setting goals “the right way”. We all have goals, and regularly achieve them. Get to work on time every day. Lose five pounds before summer. Save enough to finance your child’s education. Land ten more great clients this quarter.

SMART goals once set, provide the motivation we need to move in the direction of continuous improvement. And especially for business owners, they provide a way to communicate with others what they can expect from us and where they can help us to reach those targets.

Goals are the tools for deciding what kind of life we want to live and what kind of person we want to be. So take a few minutes today to set a few goals. And put them in writing.

You’ll be energized, focused, and have a clearer path for measuring your success.

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