Want More Referrals? Paint Pictures

Want More Referrals? Paint Pictures

When you “paint a picture” of your ideal client in the minds of your clients and referral buddies, you’ll see your referral results jump.

Here’s the formula: Describe your ideal client in terms of demographics (what labels they would defend such as entrepreneur, retiree, parent, designer, etc.) and psychographics (what specific problems they have that you can solve for them).

If you are struggling to identify your ideal client profile and explain that to others, start by looking at what your current best clients have in common. From there, you can determine the demographic and psychographic description that keeps you on a positive focus with your marketing and makes it easier to generate quality referrals.

Words Matter

When prompting for referrals, many business people ask “Is there anyone you know who could use our services?” Well, the answer to that question is either “yes” or “no”. Guess which one is easier for someone to give you?

There’s a better way. Next time ask “Who do you know who fits that description?” after “painting a picture” of your ideal client. You’ll increase your odds of a referral instantly.

If you are looking for support in developing or fine-tuning these skills, check out our PREP membership and the other workshops and services featured on our workshop page. And feel free to email us at any time with your questions: marylou@magneticbusinesssolutions.com

Meanwhile, happy prospecting!

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