Untapped Referral Sources

Untapped Referral Sources

When you are new to business and personal services, are experiencing a downturn in your business, or even when your business is booming, I recommend that you call everyone you know twice per year.  Most people know this intuitively but feel that most of these people might be irrelevant to their businesses.  It could be a mistake to think this way because it’s not necessarily the person you
already know who might do business with you; it’s the 250 people that person knows who may want to do business with you.

Your initial call can be quite simple, “Hi Joe, this is _________.
I’m calling to catch up on what’s happening in your business (life) and to let you know what I’ve been up to in my business too. Have you got a few minutes to talk over the phone?  Or would you rather meet for coffee?”

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