Oh No… Not Another Team Meeting

Oh No… Not Another Team Meeting

Fifty percent of all team meetings in North America are considered to be a waste of time due to lack of clarity, scope creep, wandering generalities and lack of action. If you’d like to find a way to make your next team meeting be more productive, get better commitment and reduce your own stress level, there’s an easy solution right at your fingertips: hire a facilitator to chair the meeting, instead of having to wear all your hats – business owner, manager, employee, and chair of the meeting

A meeting facilitator can help you get to the end state of: 1) deciding on strategic priorities, and 2) assigning tasks to individuals with clear deadlines. Not to mention the following business boosters.

1) Increase productivity

A meeting facilitator can help keep your group focused, guide the process and make your meeting more efficient and effective. You’ll increase your productivity and probably meet your goals faster too because you’ll leave meetings with clarity around objectives and individual action items.

2) Improve results

A good meeting facilitator understands the importance of gaining consensus within a group and will work hard to ensure that everyone contributes to the debate. Discussions should be thorough. And, decisions should be ones that everyone in the group supports (or can live with). When this happens, better outcomes and decisions are the result.

3) Improve buy-in

With everyone in the group supporting the outcomes, individual’s will also feel they own the solution. When individual’s believe in something, there will be a higher level of commitment to being successful and a high degree of trust and respect within the group.

4) Reduce your stress

A facilitator is focused on the process so that you can fully engage in the content of the discussion.

Having the courage to put someone else in charge of something related to your business can be a difficult, but important step. If you’re looking for someone to facilitate your next meeting, or would like more information about our coaching and mentoring programs, contact Mary Lou. Our programs allow you to work ‘on’ your business instead of ‘in’ it. For a list of upcoming programs, visit our website.

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