Self-Doubt? Get Over It!

Self-Doubt? Get Over It!

Do you have regrets about some of the decisions you have made in your business and your life?  Do you feel that your business is not reaching its potential because of self-doubt and second guessing yourself?

Usually, it is fear and lack of confidence that hold us back from success.  When we try to move forward in our lives, when we try new things that take us out of our comfort zones, we can become paralyzed with fear.  Or worse, we can take steps to sabotage our success in order to stay within our comfort zones.  It isn’t uncommon, and most of us fall into that trap from time to time.  But what can be done about it?


First, acknowledge that self-sabotage is occurring.  Bring yourself into the moment and ask yourself why you are letting this happen.  Listen to your self-talk and ask yourself if this is moving you forward or holding you back.


Second, determine if the item you are sabotaging is in alignment with your goals and the vision of your life.  If it is, then you can “talk back” to your self-talk and even change your mind. If you are unsure, start again with developing a clear and compelling vision for your life and business.


Third, seek help from others.  Sometimes your friends and family can help you overcome the barriers to success that you have created for yourself.  But if your friends and family are just another barrier, consider getting professional help from a counsellor or coach.  Just like Olympic athletes who strive for growth in their sports careers, entrepreneurs can often benefit from the help of a coach.


Finally, make use of positive and motivational statements.  Post inspiring quotes around your office and use positive language with yourself.  Some of the best language is something like this: “Every day, I am improving my ability to ________.” Fill in the blank with what you desire to do, be or have.

Self-sabotage can drain away your life potential if you let it.  But like anything, it can be overcome with the right attitude and a little help.

And focus on this simple mantra: Progress, Not Perfection!

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