Planning to be a Winner

Planning to be a Winner

Winning is a habit, no different than brushing your teeth to maintain good oral care or exercising to improve vitality.  And developing and implementing a plan increases the chance of success.  Perhaps you don’t think of brushing your teeth as part of a plan for oral care because you do it automatically, but it is.  And it is so ingrained that you accept good oral care as a given.  The same can be said for winning.

There are three steps for planning to become a winner in any venture.

Define what it looks like.  What does success mean in this particular venture?  How will you know when you are there?  With dental care, a dentist visit showing no cavities might define success.  But how will you measure success on this venture?  The more clearly you can visualize success in any given situation, the more likely you can create a viable plan to get there.

Identify the starting point.  To really understand where you need to go, it’s necessary to understand where you are today.  If starting a new business is the goal, what finances, skills, and know-how do you currently possess that are relevant to that goal?

Develop the action plan.  Identify a few options to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.  Look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of the plans and then decide which will be the best option.

And once you’ve settled on the plan, take action.  Winning is a habit, so with good vision, a healthy starting point, and a realistic plan, you are in a better position to make the habit stick.

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