Overcoming Office Clutter

Overcoming Office Clutter

If you have ever walked into your office, looked at the mess on your desk, and turned right around and walked back out, you’re not alone.  A cluttered work environment can zap the will of even the most productive entrepreneur.  Here’s what you can do about it.

First, and this is the most important step, book off time on your calendar to deal with the mess.  You may want to book off a full day, or a couple of hours every few weeks.  But if it’s in your calendar, you’re more likely to action it.

Second, deal with the clutter, one item at a time.  Do one of three things: take care of it, file it, or toss it.  In making the decision, consider these questions.  Do I currently use it and does it work?  Would it be difficult or expensive to replace if I decide later that I still need it?  Have I used it in the last six months?  Do I need to keep it for legal or accounting reasons?  Do I have more than one of these?  Do I love the item?

Third, once you’ve made a decision on each of the items and your work space is clear, decide to always keep it clear.  The easiest way to do this is to book off a little bit of time each week to deal with clutter.  The better way is to look at your business systems, such as how paper moves through your office, and create better systems that reduce the chances of clutter forming at the outset.

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