Negativity Buster

Negativity Buster

We all have negative thoughts from time to time.  It’s difficult not to.  Whether it’s a loss of a business contract, a difficult family member, or financial pressures, frustrations become the seeds of full-blown negativity.  And many negative thoughts are about something that hasn’t even happened and might not ever happen! Negativity is more than just being unhappy for a while; it can hurt the bottom line.

The quickest and easiest way to bust negativity is to bring it to your consciousness.  Recognize that you are experiencing negativity and determine the source of it.  Often, the situation that caused the negativity is not really as bad as it seemed at first, so just by bringing it to the conscious level, anxiety can be reduced considerably.  If more is required, bring yourself into the moment.  How are you at this very second?  Do you have food?  Shelter?  Friends?  People who care about you?  Of course you do.  Once you realize that you have a lot going for you in the moment, it’s easier then to deal with the problem that caused the negativity in the first place.  But now you will be coming at it with a more positive and determined attitude.

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