Marketing Skills that Every Entrepreneur Needs

Marketing Skills that Every Entrepreneur Needs

Entrepreneurs may work in different industries, but one thing they have in common is that they need to be good marketers to be successful.  Here are three things that entrepreneurs can work on to enhance their marketing skills:

Become a better writer.  An entrepreneur does not need to be able to write a best-selling novel, but does need to be able to put ideas on paper in a clear and persuasive manner.  Customers will only be able to understand the marketing message to the extent that it is well written and convincing.

Become a better public speaker.  Although many people are terrified of public speaking, it is one of the best ways to become really clear on the marketing message, to leverage time by speaking to more than one person at a time, and to practice the arts of sales and persuasion.

Become a better networker.  For cost-effectiveness, networking is one of the most powerful marketing tools at an entrepreneur’s disposal.  Attending networking events, practicing the marketing message, and building a team of referral buddies is time well spent.

Time and effort put into developing any of these skills can go a long way to improving a company’s bottom line.  And the increase in confidence is a definite bonus!

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