Is This Your Oscar Winning Year?

Is This Your Oscar Winning Year?

With all the hubbub about the upcoming Oscars, it struck me that as a business owner, you are always in competition of one kind or another. Even if you are never nominated for an award, the rules of winning still apply on a day to day basis.

So what do the Oscars and running a business having in common? Here are three things that keep you on your toes all year and the winner is you when you attract and keep those clients that are ideal for the success of your business.

You Cannot Control Your Competition. Like the Oscars, no matter how good you are compared to your competitors, you never know who or what will be your competition tomorrow. Strategy: Listen to your clients and learn what would make your already great service over the top for them. What are the latest trends they are considering adopting in their businesses and their lives? Don’t try to be all things to everyone, but do pay attention to how you can add value by enhancing your products and services to meet more of the needs of your clients.

Don’t Compete Just for the Awards. While it’s nice to win the accolades of your peers and your clients in a competition (and do celebrate them when you receive them!), the success of your business is built on consistently providing good value for the money your clients spend with you and the trust they place in your company to deliver on its promises. Strategy: Focus on building quality, high value, and a culture that’s consistent throughout your team, based on putting the client first. Encourage independent decision-making with each of your employees and contractors within a framework of service defined by your vision and mission.

Show Your Gratitude Every Day and In Every Way. Pat your employees on the back when you notice them doing something really right on the job. Reward outstanding performance with acknowledgement, where appropriate, a concrete sign of your appreciation, be that an Employee of the Month Award, or a raise or bonus at review time. Show your clients how much you value their business by surprising them once in a while with something special. It can be a small gesture like sending a greeting card or postcard with a humorous message or by Liking their business on FaceBook.

Just recognize that great performances do not stand alone. They are the result of a lifetime of focus on doing your best with some incredible timing thrown in for good luck.

And make 2015 a winning year for your business.

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