How to Turn Prospect Lists into Lists of Referrals!

How to Turn Prospect Lists into Lists of Referrals!

To develop a high quality list of prospects, you must first identify those who make the best clients for you.

Take a look at your existing client base and choose your top 20%, the ones that bring you the most business, and who are a pleasure to serve. (No sense getting ulcers!)

Identify their common characteristics. Are they business owners, professionals, middle-class families, people nearing retirement?

Next, find or preferably create a list of people like them, where the people on the list talk to each other, so you can benefit from “word of mouth”. Professional or industry association lists, social group membership lists, business networking groups, home owners in a particular neighbourhood are but a few examples of the types of lists you might create, or to which you might have access for this purpose.

Look for the names of clients, advisors or friends on the list and ask them if they could help you by introducing you to those they know. Wherever possible, ask your Client or Influencer to introduce you by email, or to write a note that you can include when you make contact.

Always follow up with a phone call, a personal visit, an email, an invitation to an event you’re hosting or an offer to send your newsletter or an article of interest.

Being able to say, “Sandra suggested I call and introduce myself” or “Sandra said that I really should meet you” takes away the coldness from any call, email or letter. This opens the relationship and you can take it from there.

Each time you establish a successful business relationship with someone on that list, ask them to identify those they know too. Eventually, all the names on your list could become referrals!

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