How to Survive When Your Internet Service Provider Lets You Down

How to Survive When Your Internet Service Provider Lets You Down

I just moved. Moving is a big job physically, tactically, and emotionally, with the physical part being the most obvious aspect of it.

Tactically, there are all those lists, and all that scheduling, right down to the last minute as the final few items are being loaded onto the truck.

And emotionally, well… you are saying goodbye to some good friends, a home you’ve made comfortable for yourself and all the familiar shops and services that now have to be replaced at your new home.

And all goes well until…


For the most part, the move is like a symphony, with all the players showing up on time and doing what they said they would do. It’s a marvel of mutual self-interest at work (an example of Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand Theory in its simplest form).

Then, someone slips up at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) headquarters and you can’t get your phone or internet installed for another week. Yikes! Here’s what you can do to get instant connectivity just so long as you have a smart phone of some kind.

I love technology when it’s working, and not so keen on setting things up on my own. But this was easy. I just called my whiz friend, Christine Till, to see if I could borrow her Hot Spot Rocket and she gave me a much easier solution.


Even I could follow these simple instructions, on my iPhone…

Choose Settings on your start-up screen.

Select Personal Hotspot from the drop down menu under Settings.

Your Unique Wi-Fi Password is provided right there.

Connection instructions are provided for wireless, USB and Bluetooth connection to your computer – your choice. Follow the user friendly directions and…

Download your email, and Google whatever you want. It’s like a mini-miracle created by the many millions of minds at work.


I am so grateful for the thoughtful effort that has been put into creating innovative products and services over the millennia, from the taming of fire to the miniaturization of power to such magnitude (or is it mini-tude) that we can hold connectivity to the world in the palms of our hands.

And I am grateful to suppliers, associates and friends who know more about most things than I do.

I wonder what my next discovery will be. (I’m so excited to learn!)

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