Do Entrepreneurs Really Take Vacations? Some Do, Some Don’t!

Do Entrepreneurs Really Take Vacations? Some Do, Some Don’t!

Yesterday ended a three-day long weekend and it reminded me to bring back the question that I raised last month – Do Entrepreneurs Really Take Vacations?

My personal answer is … “Sometimes!” When out of the country, I put a vacation notice on both my phone number and my email and don’t take my cell phone or computer with me. In Canada, it’s a different story.

My experience seems to be right smack dab in the middle of the experiences of those who wrote to share their vacation secrets.


“We have a management and leadership team that keeps things going. Although we take our computer and phones with us to be available in case of emergencies, and let our team know that they can contact us anytime, we rarely are called on to make decisions or solve problems while away. When necessary, we do take care of business “happenings”, but most days are ours to relax and enjoy.

Our vacations refresh us and give us a break from our very active work lives. While we’re away, we always become more creative and come up with one or more very good business ideas or improvements.”


“I take my cell phone and laptop with me, because I am the only person in my business. I have become so dependent on these gadgets that I am lost without them. I work pretty much every day, except weekends when I am away.  My vacations are “work-ations”.

 What I strive to be better at is having a “no technology day” on Sundays. One has to really be organized with other activities in order to combat that urge to check email and social media.”


Luckily, I have great people who completely take care of everything while I am away.  I practice taking short trips out of town every two to three months.”


“I’m not an entrepreneur but, being a Travel Professional I have the opportunity to get away 2 or 3 times a year. What I’ve found is that if I advise my clients that I’ll be away for a month or more they’ll book before I go or wait until I return. I leave itineraries and full details of bookings with my office, just in case, and it has worked efficiently for over 30 years. I don’t take a computer or my cell phone with me.

PREPARATION. That’s the key!”

Wise advice.

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