Computer Crash! Now What?

Computer Crash! Now What?

I am so grateful for my backup system.

Last week was a big test for it because my computer crashed. This was not just an easy fix for my IT guy. My hard drive had burnt out. Retrieving data from it would have been, to say the very least – EXPENSIVE! – more costly than a new computer, and with no assurance that my critical data would even be retrievable.

So I bought a new computer – faster and less expensive than last time, and with Windows 10 already installed, and with help getting all my files restored from my back up system.

And it all works!!! Here’s what I learned:

Continuous backup is best. My backup system (I now use Carbonite on line), is backing up files all day long within minutes of any changes. So at worst, I might have lost a few minutes of work just before the crash. So far, I haven’t found anything missing.

Restoring data is easy. It takes a lot of time though. For me, it took several days. But then I’m a real packrat with computer data. I figure that since storage is so inexpensive, I might as well keep everything. Who knows when older information might come in handy – like the conference manual I created in 2000 but which, in its printed form, I have cleared out in one of my many down-sizes.

It’s not very expensive. For less than $80 a year, I have great protection. I hoped that I would never need it, but I did. Even if I hadn’t ever had to restore data, it’s still cheap insurance.

Keep your computer clean. Give the air vent an occasional dusting with the small brush tool on your vacuum cleaner. Then once a year, it will still need a thorough cleaning. You can take it to your techie or ask to be shown how to open the case and dust with a compressed air duster designed for the purpose. Small cans are available at any stationery store. Since the fan is taking in room air all the time your computer is on, it makes sense that dust particles would naturally accumulate.

Make sure your computer calendar, email and contacts are properly synching with your smart phone or pad. I am impatient with technology. (Well, maybe with most things. J) I jokingly say that if it doesn’t work within the first three minutes, I want to drop kick it out the window. This time, I’m getting help from my IT guy so I can be fully functional. Thanks, Derrick. Who, by the way, was referred to me by my friends at Colby Steckly Chartered Accountants and Preferred Client Bookkeeping Services.

Business people are very understanding. Thank you to all of my associates and clients for allowing me those quick texts and phone calls to check if I had any outstanding commitments during the week that I was without a computer. I love you all.

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