Work-Life Balance Isn’t Just Possible, It’s Necessary

Work-Life Balance Isn’t Just Possible, It’s Necessary

We all know the benefits of having a work-life balance – happier life, less stress, greater fulfillment, improved health – but are we really living it? Canadians are now working more than ever, with two-thirds of us working more than 45 hours per week. And for most entrepreneurs, 50-hour-plus weeks are the norm. We recognize that we need more balance, but still, we continue to strive to get everything done in a day, even when we recognize that we will never truly get everything done. For entrepreneurs, there are always more things to do to build and sustain a successful business. If you are struggling to find the balance you seek, here are a few tips to get started.

Decide to make work-life balance a priority. Psychologically, when we prioritize a task, we are more likely to achieve it. Think about a time when you really wanted to achieve something, when you put all of your energy into it, and you were successful. It’s the same with work-life balance. When you plan to make it happen, by scheduling not just your important work events, but also your important life events, you are more likely to live the life you truly want.

Do fewer things in a day, and do them well. Not all tasks have the same importance, yet we often treat all tasks as if they do. Sometimes we decide to complete a task for no other reason than we know we can get it done quickly and we can get it off the to-do list. We have all missed deadlines in our business lives, only to find that the tasks had no real value anyway. If we can be more purposeful in looking at our to-do list and deciding on the tasks that add the most value, we can focus on them and either ignore or delegate the others. To do this, simply ask the question, “What is the most important thing for me to do right now?” Do this multiple times per day, and you’ll see a positive shift in your work-life balance, because sometimes the most important thing to do at the moment is to attend an event with a loved one.

Focus on the tasks that only you can do. This works for both your business and personal life. In business, perhaps it is only you that can negotiate a contract because that is the task that you do very well and which adds the most value to your business. Likewise, only you can be a mom or a dad to your child. Nobody else can do what you do when it comes to adding value to the life of a loved one. So focus on those tasks that are uniquely yours.

Work-life balance is simple, but it’s not easy. But if you follow these few tips, you will begin to see yourself living a more rewarding life.

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