Stand Up For The Telephone!

Stand Up For The Telephone!

Standing up when on the phone can be a very powerful technique to improve your sales. Here’s why.

1) It improves your posture

If you lean forward, your head and your eyes face down. You might cradle the phone to your ear with your shoulder. This bent over position hampers your breathing. It’s a  “closed”  posture and it translates to your attitude. By standing up you open up your lungs and allow yourself to breathe more easily and more naturally. And your attitude opens too.

2) It improves how you feel

By standing up, you open up your lungs and allow them to fill with oxygen. You’ll feel better, more relaxed and in control.

3) It keeps your head up and your eyes forward

When your eyes are looking up or forwards it is more difficult to access negative emotions and feelings like fear!

4) Freedom of movement and expression

Standing up gives you more flexibility to move. It’s also important to get yourself a hands-free headset so that you can gesture as you would if you were in front of your prospect in person. It makes your conversation easier and more natural too. Visualize yourself standing up and shaking hands with your client confidently and with authority. (Also much easier to do when you are standing up!)

5) Standing up raises your energy level

When you are sitting down on the phone, it is easy to allow your energy levels and intensity levels to drift. When you stand up your energy levels go up.

The telephone is one of the most underrated, yet effective business tools of modern times. Contact us or call 780-244-0895 for more information on this workshop  where you’ll learn how to maximize this tool for customer service, referrals, voicemail, invitations to events, reminder calls and more.

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