Little Things Mean a Lot – Part Two

Little Things Mean a Lot – Part Two

Doing nice things for people makes them feel appreciated. That’s what makes one business memorable over another. It’s what makes one person a more desirable friend than another.

So, following up on Little Things Mean a Lot published earlier on my website, here are six more ideas to make you feel good and make somebody else’s day at the same time.

Smile! As a poster in a local Rocky Mountain House coffee shop says: Smile so big that when other people see you it makes them smile too.

Endorse someone on LinkedIn every time you log in. Better yet, write a LinkedIn recommendation for a supplier you’ve worked with.

Make lists and check them off. Include on your daily list at least one extra thing you can do to make someone else’s life better.

Surprise a client by sending a gift just because you felt like it.

Invite someone to join you at a networking event and introduce them to some of your friends and business associates. Everyone needs a wee leg up from time to time.

Pick a photo of someone from your Pictures file on your computer and email it to him or her along with a “remember when” message. Old memories are good refreshers of great times gone by and an inspiration to have a great day.

Whistle while you work. And if you can’t whistle, hum a tune or do a solo dance around the room. Your high spirits will shine through in your next phone call, email or when you enter the next meeting of the day.

Have fun. Be happy. It’s your choice.

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