Can’t Find a Referral for a Colleague?

Can’t Find a Referral for a Colleague?

As much as you may try, sometimes finding a referral for someone in your network can be challenging.  But there are other ways you can show support for your referral buddies.  If you’re stuck, try one of these:

  • Give a testimonial.  A testimonial that can be used in their promotional materials or in their on-line profiles is a great show of support. Put it in writing for them.
  • Send them articles in their professional and personal areas of interest.
  • Ask them to educate you more on their goals and client profiles.  Sometimes additional education will help you think of people who could use their services.
  • Ask them for advice.  Nothing says ‘I respect you’ more than asking for guidance on a business challenge.
  • Have a B2B meeting with each one to learn more about their business and share more about yours.

Providing a referral is one of the primary ways in which you can honour your referral buddies.  But in the absence of a referral, you can still provide support.

Make it a profitable day!

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