Boot Camp for Business Owners

Boot Camp for Business Owners

When you get caught up in the daily life of running a business, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. Not that you have a choice! You’re fighting fires – you have a ticked-off customer, the website just went down, your assistant called in sick, the accountant is coming tomorrow and the books are in a shambles. All normal. But still every month or so it’s nice to take a step back, look at how far you’ve come, review your critical systems and see what opportunities you might be missing when you’re overwhelmed with day-to-day activities.

Taking time to work on your business instead of in it all the time, is crucial to the future of your business and the achievement of your purpose and your personal goals. And it’s easiest to accomplish when you remove yourself from your regular environment and work with a coach, mentor or trainer to review, set goals, re-prioritize and focus on your future and how to create it. Our Transition Business Coaching program allows you to do just that.  It’s a quarterly boot camp for your business where we work with business owners who want to create clarity in 5 key areas:

1) Create compelling customer value and experiences that give you a clear competitive advantage;

2) Market and promote your business more effectively in a crowded and cynical marketplace;

3) Attract, lead and retain a dedicated, top-performing team;

4) Improve profitability, now and for the long term;

5) Create a clear direction for the future of your business and a specific action plan to get there – one quarter at a time.

If your business is running you ragged, it’s worth a conversation to see if there’s potential for us to work together.  At a minimum, you’ll get an experienced entrepreneur’s take on where you’re at. At best, you’ll find a coach and mentor that can help you clarify the decisions you need to make and support you in your choices. You deserve to profit from the contribution you make to your clients and your community. You deserve to have a good life. A life you love.

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