Trade Shows – Profit or Pain?

Trade Shows – Profit or Pain?

Let’s face it. Trade shows cause pain. Where else would you willingly stand for hours on end on a concrete floor? And, force yourself to keep smiling through the pain, too?

Seeing profit from trade shows is another thing entirely. Profit requires planning. Start by asking yourself, “Should I invest in a trade show at all? And, if I do, how do I cut through the trade show promoters’ hype and choose the right trade show for my business?”

Before you commit to attending any trade show, here are some things to consider:

• Be clear about who your target market is and which trade shows serve that market.

• Be clear about what headline message will attract qualified prospects to your booth. A free draw can capture contact information, but it shouldn’t be your main message.

• Ask some previous exhibitors for their experience and results, looking for honest feedback.

• Be realistic about the time and money attending a trade show will take (i.e., the investment in a booth, signage, promotional materials, time away from the office, who will cover for you while you are gone, etc.).

Remember, this is just step #1 for turning trade show pain into profit, so do your homework. Your success depends on it!

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